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Issues and Concerns

I am concerned about our Township administrative leadership and how it threatens our community and lifestyle. Township business transactions total millions of dollars, and taxpayers trust our leaders to spend it wisely and to conduct business in an open, professional manner.

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But West Vincent financial statements are difficult to understand, the meeting minutes lack details and there have been excessive executive sessions held in secret. There is a lack of transparency and clear indications of poor management.

This is what we have experienced over the last few years:

  • Following Manager John Granger's resignation in June, the Board was prepared to pay a severance of $40,000 based on terms of a contract that did not exist.

These are not signs of a healthy Township. But they are signs of poor management. It is the job of the Supervisors to ensure that proper controls are in place in our Township office. Without them, this scenario (or something worse) will occur again.

If we can't get this right, how can we entrust our Board to deal with other threats like overdevelopment, or manage a proposal to build a multimillion dollar Public Safety building?

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