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Problems with Meeting Recordings

Meeting recordings are a valuable resource for residents that want to stay informed but cannot attend a meeting in person. Today's technology makes it easy to provide high fidelity video meeting recordings and they are then norm for most townships. 

What about West Vincent? This statement is on the Township web site:


Unfortunately, this seems to be more of a hope and dream rather than reality...

Availability of BOS Meeting Videos 2022 & 2023


Only 24% are of any use to the public.


If it was an occasional problem with the equipment, it might be understandable (although even then, it would seem that a cell phone video would work in a pinch). 

The real problem is that the West Vincent Supervisors do not consider it a priority to make useful meeting videos available. If it was important to them, they would make staff resources available address the problem.


Coupled with the trend to limit detail in the written meeting minutes, it makes it difficult for the public to know what goes on in the meetings. There is no excuse for this.

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