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Mismanagement of the Township Treasurer

For obvious reasons, the Treasurer is an extremely important position in West Vincent. The Township has over $10 million in cash assets and monthly expenditures run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


Source: West Vincent Township


Source: West Vincent Township

Throughout 2022, there was excessive employee turnover in the Office of the Treasurer-- at least seven different people held this important position.

Poor hires left the operation of the office disrupted, financial statements were either missing or incorrect, and one employee was terminated for inappropriate practices.


The Township did not follow the legal requirement to bond the Treasurer, exposing the Township to the potential for serious financial risk. 

These issues required the Township to hire Marcum LLP a forensic accounting firm to perform a Forensic Audit of West Vincent Township.  

It is the job of the Township Manager and ultimately the Supervisors to monitor the situation and take appropriate action.


But, as these problems unfolded, very little was done. In September 2022, the West Vincent Manager John Granger actually took a side gig as the Interim Manager of another Township!!

Unfortunately, the Township is bearing the costs of this mismanagement. The 2022 books will have to be completely redone before the Annual Audit can be performed.  When all is said and done, a sobering estimate of the costs associated with this episode is in the range of $300,000 to $500,000


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